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These Redstarr Entertainment Magazine members are certainly rising to the occassion of success.
Our Million Dollar Quartet performer Cole is currently in San Luis Obispo, CA doing a nine week contract of MDQ.  This time portraying Johnny Cash.  He  also has a new album entitled, The Cinderella Sound Sessions, due out this Spring sometime.

We have a small package with a big presence with member Angie Senger.   Angie is an award winning singer/songwriter that pleases her audience with fun and a memorable event and is a regular on RFD-TV. 
Our member Alexandria Altman is an author, actress, producer .   After working on the dream of this new series.  The dream is coming true.   The first movie of the Snow Moon Series is Hunter Moon Rising.  It has been reported that Johnny Depp, along with Alexandria Altman, Kevin Sorbo, BooBoo Stewart and many others will star in this adventure of romance and fantasy.   Directed by Sean Stone and produced by Johnny Depp and Alexandria Altman.
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